Schizo Stigma
The experience of being raised by a schizophrenic and the accompanying stigmas.
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'DON'T TELL ANYONE EVER I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS' was drilled into me as a child, and of course, I would obey my mother. Until now - Sorry Mom! I'm telling you and endeavoring to tell people around me in my life as an effort to reduce the stigma around the topic mental illness. 

In spite of her adamant command when I was young, my mom now knows about the existence of this webpage. She understands and supports my goal of trying to prevent others from experiencing the pain she experienced from stigmatization and the resulting prejuidce and discrimination, and that unfortunately, at no fault of her own, extended to me.

Any personal experiences and information shared in these pages are shared with the primary intention to provide insight to others about the challenges that my mother individually faced, I faced and we faced together. Our story is beautiful, dramatic, and uplifting. Our story deserves to be told, and commands respect and admiration.
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